King's St Alban's

18 May

A carnival of words and music

This morning Years 3 and 4 were spellbound as Camille Saint Saën’s story played out in a carnival of words and music. It was difficult to tell who was more excited: the children in Years 3 and 4 sitting in anticipation for The Carnival of the Animals, or the professional musicians preparing to give their first live performance in over 14 months!

The children were attentive and enjoyed the story of Camille’s Farm which was told using words and music. With the story narrated by Chris Jaeger, director of Worcester Competitive Arts Festival, and illustrated by Shulah Oliver on violin and viola and Janine Parsons at the piano, we heard of runaway donkeys (or ‘personages with long ears’ as they prefer to be known!), slow tortoises, glistening fish, a plodding elephant, amongst many, many others. There were many enthusiastic cuckoos in the audience too!

It was particularly wonderful for the children to see Miss Oliver, who teaches violin to a number of them, demonstrate the extraordinary range of pitch, dynamics and techniques of string instruments – from the flittering high harmonics on the violin in the Aquarium to the rich sonority of the viola in The Swan.

A wonderful treat for a Tuesday morning, and a real inspiration to our young musicians. A great big thank you to all involved for bringing this spectacular carnival of words and music to King’s St Alban’s!