King's St Alban's

11 May

A delicious School Trip!

Earlier this week, Year 5 were super excited (as were the staff) ahead of their school trip to Cadbury World – who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Jumping off the minibuses, they began their day with an educational talk from a Cadbury’s World expert. The pupils were interested to discover more about rainforests and the coca bean journey. They were keen to share their extensive knowledge of the tropical rainforest, explore the different layers of the rainforest and the animals who call each layer home.

The pupils then looked extensively at the rainforests located in Ghana, from where Cadbury’s source their coca beans, and talked about how the beans are grown and harvested. Again, they asked lots of detailed questions about the rainforest, chocolate production and how the Cadbury factory works. Everyone was truly fascinated and delighted to extend their knowledge on the subject.

Next stop was the 4D cinema, which we all thoroughly enjoyed – complete with plenty of seat rumbling and flying chocolate!

The day concluded with a much anticipated tour of Cadbury’s World. The pupils embraced the history of Bournville and how chocolate production has developed and changed through the ages. As part of the tour they had the opportunity to hand-temper chocolate and write their names in melted chocolate – it is safe to say they loved it!

The highlight of the trip had to be when the pupils had the opportunity to sample some of the melted chocolate with a choice of toppings! A close second had to be the ‘Cadabra’ car ride around a chocolate wonderland. The children then hit the chocolate shop, closely followed by the staff!

This was a successful school trip for Year 5, who were not only able to eat plenty of chocolate but also bring to life their classroom-based learning, which we look forward to exploring further as we return to the classroom this week.