King's St Alban's

19 May

At King’s St Alban’s we are one big family!

When visiting King’s St Alban’s, prospective parents often comment on the warm, family feel of the school. Pupils from as young as our Reception class are comfortable chatting, playing, and engaging with our eldest pupils in Year 6. They all know each other; many treat each other like additional brothers and sisters! So when 6HM made the short hop across the road to our dedicated Pre-Prep building, it was no surprise that they were welcomed with open arms.

On this particular occasion, 6HM were visiting our Reception class – we are not sure who was more excited, the Year 6 pupils or Reception! The Year 6 pupils quickly settled down with the Reception cohort to read a plethora of different stories with the younger pupils. Making the most of the Summer Term and the beautiful sunshine accompanying it, most of the pupils took the opportunity to read outside in the Early Years playground. Some perched on the edge of a giant tyre whilst others took a little shade in the playhouse; some hid under the climbing frame whilst others decided upon a more traditional carpet!

After the stories had concluded, the Reception class were super excited to show the older pupils around their classroom, the excitement almost boiling over when Year 6 discovered the Reception had six little chicks in residence! Many of the Year 6 pupils reflected on their time in Reception, all those years ago, and how they too had hatched chicks.

It is safe to say that all of the children, big and small, had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the next instalment and a chance to come together (as one big family!) again and share more stories in a couple of weeks’ time.