King's St Alban's

9 September

Budding Architects in the making.

Whilst the quad at King’s St Alban’s was bathed in beautiful sunshine earlier this week, our budding architects in Year 6 got stuck into a constructive ‘Architecture Workshop’. Pupils were delighted to welcome Martin from Architecture Workshops. A Cambridge based company, Architecture Workshops deliver workshops specifically designed to enhance the curriculum, linked to key subject areas, in this case Design Technology.

Working in small groups of between six and eight, the Year 6 cohort were set a challenge to design and construct bridge structures. Pupils were provided with nothing more than dowel rods and elastic bands to complete the task. Martin, together with the form tutors, was on hand to advise and support; however, pupils impressed with their level of understanding and ability for the task.

Looking for the strongest and most durable structure, Martin put all constructions to the test. Structures were dropped, put under pressure, tugged and twisted. The number of structures withstanding the strenuous testing was impressive. We look forward to seeing plenty of durable structures as Year 6 continue with the theme in their Design and Technology curriculum this term.

The concentration levels were evident with much discussion and questioning amongst groups. There was also plenty of giggles and laughter as the groups utilised team building skills developed throughout their time at King’s St Alban’s to complete the task. The pupils themselves commented on how much they had thoroughly enjoyed the ‘unforgettable experience’. Buzzing pupils also commented on how much they were looking forward to putting the skills they had learnt into practice when they return to the classroom and we look forward to sharing project developments as the term continues.

Whilst the entire Year 6 group displayed a huge amount of skill, workshop lead Martin awarded nine pupils a ‘tetrahedron’ prize, highlighting their excellent design problem solving ability. Congratulations to Daisy, Ivy, Mia, Persephone, Yiming, Olivia, Arabella, Olivia and Elin.