King's St Alban's

24 March

Budding mathematicians take on the challenge.

Earlier this week saw the annual Bromsgrove School Maths Challenge take place, with a team of four budding King’s St Alban’s mathematicians raring to go. Year 5 pupils, Conor, Ace, Arthur and Jack were very excited and keen to participate in this fantastic opportunity, competing against 12 other teams.

The day started with a group round, 15 questions to be answered in 40 minutes; the team really got stuck in and divided the questions up amongst themselves to save time. A cross-number round followed, which proved a real challenge for all teams in the time allocated.  After break-time in the Spring sunshine, a quick fire speed test was completed; the enthusiastic King’s St Alban’s team just about finished the 20 questions in the 20 minutes available.  The afternoon was very different; a set of relay questions was handed to pairs within the team and an answer was needed to solve the following and subsequent questions.  The final round was energetic and lots of fun; the children had to run to collect a question and answer it before taking a new question to the other half of their team. Again the King’s St Alban’s team completed the 30 questions just within the 40 minutes.

The day was superbly organised, and Bromsgrove School were great hosts; certificates were given to all who participated.  The Year 5 team worked tirelessly throughout each round and were a pleasure to take. A team of Year 6 mathematicians will experience a similar day in June, bring on the maths!