King's St Alban's

4 September

Celebration Assembly 04.09.2020

It has been great to see so children in Years 2, 4 and 6 enjoying taking part in sport this week, particularly the new children who did so well in their first swimming lesson. We gave all our children a special shout out during celebration assembly for their great work.

6DB were the first to have an art lesson this year and Mrs Cain was delighted with their eagerness to engage in a class discussion about sculpture and architecture. Mr Braithwaite also reported that 6DB settled remarkably quickly and were very focused in their first lesson with him. Well done 6DB!

6HM and 5P had a great start and listened very well. 5L had their first Paws b lesson and learned about the functions of the prefrontal cortex – yes, neuroscience on day one in Year 5!

Mrs Haggerty had a fantastic music lesson with 4R and was very impressed with their zero-fuss response to the new way of handing out instruments.

4R has also impressed Mrs Ricketts. They asked good questions and listened well, while working through maths problems.

4J have settled in very well and Miss Jordan was delighted to see so many acts of kindness on the first day.

3A settled straight into their new routines – in fact Mrs Atkinson said that it was as though they had never been away from school. Well done 3A!

3E impressed Mrs Etherington with the originality of their ideas and the wonderful teamwork she saw within the class.

2C and 1C have all made a great start to the year, welcoming their new class members, focusing well on their lessons and smiling all day!

For the new Reception class it has been an exciting couple of days and he children have engaged beautifully in everything they have done.

Special mentions go to Seb, from 6HM, who deserves a big thank you for using his initiative to help put away playground equipment and also Imogen, Mihika, Lucia and Mia were fantastic at looking after a friend who was a little upset on the playground.

There was certainly lots to celebrate in today’s celebration assembly!