King's St Alban's

11 September

Celebration Assembly 11.09.2020

It was wonderful to hold Celebration Assembly with Years 3 and 4 in the audience this morning while the rest of the school watched via Teams.

Our first Pre-Prep Superstars of the Year were Livvy, who ‘found her brave’ this week, Poppy who showed great independence, Rupert who has worked hard every day, Nell and Tommy who concentrated well and showed great focus and finally Skye, who has been a lovely member of the class all week.

Jack B has worked tremendously well and listened to advice in his maths, English and science lessons, Eamon produced super work in maths and Sazan was congratulated for his excellent descriptive writing.

Mrs Etherington was very impressed with Charlotte, Laura and Humphrey’s work on teeth and also Aelwen and Martha for wonderful effort when working on handwriting.

James, Shreya and Lily E deserve a mention for their excellent attitude towards their work this week, keeping focused and pushing themselves to do their best in all their lessons – Mrs Atkinson has been delighted with the work they have produced. Well done also to Lily G for not being afraid to put her hand up and have a go, even if she was unsure of the answer. Well done for being brave, Lily!

Well done to Eshal and Sienna who showed great kindness to their teachers and to other pupils this week.

Miss Jordan asked 4J to draw trucks filled with items which make them happy or are personal to them. Well done to Iman, Isobel, William and Rory who did particularly well.

4R were congratulated on their excellent singing during hymn practise, Karla and Sienna in 3A were congratulated on the kindness posters which they drew, and Eddie, Alice, JM, Sam and Florence from 5L made great posters about the Learning Pit – and more importantly, how to work your way out of it!