King's St Alban's

13 November

Celebration Assembly 13th November 2020

As always, we began our Celebration Assembly by presenting Superstar awards to our Pre-Prep children. A certificate for focus went to Daniel, for listening and always trying hard, to Iris, for concentration in creative writing, to Henry H for always challenging himself and to Ben J for hard work and challenging himself. Mia received a certificate for concentration and focus, and Cerys for being a such fabulous role model.

Mrs Hadfield and Mrs Thorp wanted to say a big well done to all of the Reception class children during Celebration Assembly as they have been extremely impressed by their enthusiasm since half term. Year 1 have been working hard on their mental maths and Alban, Ben, Jasper, Aubrey and Cerys were congratulated for pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Year 2 have written a space adventure story and special mention went to Zara for her excellent piece of work. Well done also to Skye, who showed tremendous courage in swimming, managing to push off from the wall and complete a full stroke.

Year 3 have also had a fantastic week. Mrs Lewis was particularly impressed in their dance lessons as all of the children listened carefully and worked together beautifully. Mrs Lewis said they were a delight to teach and she is really looking forward to their next lesson. 3E have shown tremendous Growth Mindset this week and have adapted well to working with Mrs White in the classroom and Mrs Etherington ‘larger than life’ on screen. They have all worked extremely hard and are now experts at uploading their work onto Showbie. Joel was praised by Mrs Atkinson for his consistent determination, as was Sebastian for improving the pace, neatness and effort he is putting in to his work.

Inspired the poem Cat Began by Andrew Matthews, which talks about how cats used elements of nature to create themselves, Year 4 have written poems about making themselves. Emily, Leo, Barnaby, Georgia, Ace, Erin, Harry and Jack were all congratulated on excellent work.

Year 5 have been learning about the Moon and have created Moon Diaries showing the different moon phases over a one-month period. Their challenge was then to think of imaginative ways to present their findings. Well done to Jack, Felix, Lucia, JM, Scarlett, Mihika, Liv, Florence, Alice and Eddie who excelled in this task. Eamon has produced some excellent work in maths and both Lilly-Mae and Harry were congratulated on their excellent research into Henry VIII’s wives.

Year 6 are currently looking at rivers in Geography and were tasked with researching a river of their choice. Katy, Amelia, Benedict, Lilly-Mae and Maheen put together very detailed brochures. Well done, all of you. Alex has also worked incredibly hard on his handwriting.

The results of the Inter House Cross Country were announced. Well done to Sam C, Jack and Lex and to Lucia and Immie (jointly), Olivia and Mia who came third, second and first respectively.

Mr Hudson, from Worcester Cathedral, passed on his huge thanks to our ten choristers who worked during the half term to help create a Remembrance Day video for the Cathedral. Mr Hudson was delighted with their hard work, flexibility and, of course, their beautiful singing.

Mr Chapman awarded ten Bronze times tables certificates and Benedict received his Grade 5 Music Theory Certificate. Tommy E was congratulated on being selected to join the Worcester Cricket Club winter training programme, James A and George H came first in the 25m Butterfly in the recent virtual Swimming Gala and Cerys brought in the certificate she received for completing her second 100km bike or scooter ride tis year. She competed this challenge throughout September and October, with her longest cycle ride being 8km. What a wonderful achievement for a 6-year-old! Finally, thank you to Benedict for his wonderful violin performance of Sugar with Cinnamon by Lavildevan.

As always, another fantastic Celebration Assembly with lots of work and achievements to be proud of.