King's St Alban's

30 March

Climbing to new heights!

The King’s St Alban’s Rock Climbing Club has been in action again this term, following a two year break on account of COVID restrictions.

Throughout the Spring Term pupils have been venturing to The Vertical Limit, our local climbing centre, accompanied by Mr Braithwaite. All pupils, who started with differing levels of climbing ability, have developed and gained valuable experience. It is so rewarding to see the children’s confidence blossom as they realise they are in safe hands and, without exception, all the children have now climbed routes they could not manage at the start of term. The secret of climbing is partly the mind games that one must learn to handle when confronted with a climbing wall or rock face. The ability to control one’s emotions is such an important transferrable skill.

The highlight of the year for Mr Braithwaite was most definitely the moment one of the group managed to ascend the main overhang of the bouldering wall, quite a feat of endurance for an eleven-year-old! Several others came close. It was a pleasure for their teacher to take such enthusiastic and well-behaved children to The Vertical Limit wall. Well done, rock climbers!

The climbing club is just one of a vast range of after-school activities and clubs on offer to our pupils at King’s St Alban’s. Activities range from sports, such as netball, swimming and cricket to drama, knitting, chess and coding. There is no doubt that there is something for everyone! Our comprehensive programme is reviewed on a regular basis, ensuring that we are constantly providing opportunities for our pupils to discover new passions and indulge in a favourite activity or pastime. Watch this space for our Summer Term activities programme which will be released shortly.