King's St Alban's

18 June

Great work celebrated in Assembly

In Assembly this week we have celebrated the great work and amazing achievements of our pupils. We kicked off today’s assembly with Senior School pupil Ria, who is currently in Upper Fourth. Riya delighted our pupils by singing a wonderful Indian classical piece. Thank you Riya for joining us!

The pupils have worked hard over the past week inside and outside the classroom and we had some great work to celebrate again; here are the highlights:


  • Persie received a certificate for her showing great focus in all her lessons this week.
  • Livvy earned a Superstar award for always being engaging and enthusiastic.

Year 1

  • Aubrey received a Focus certificate for his super concentration and independence.
  • Henry was the Superstar this week thanks to his great work ethic and positive attitude.

Year 2

  • Zara’s determined mindset in maths earned her a Risk Taking certificate.
  • Rosie received a Superstar award for great independent working.

Year 3

  • Our Year 3 children have been learning about time and calendars this week both and Tom and Monty received special mention for the excellent fact sheets they produced.

Year 4

  • Year 4 have spent the week learning about earthquakes and volcanoes, with some fantastic experiments and great independent research.  Erin, Harry, Barnaby, Leo, Peter, Rory, Sienna and Isabelle were congratulated on the creativity and pride shown in their work.

Year 5

  • Well done to Lucia, who was named Player of the Match by Bromsgrove School for her superb part in the cricket tournament this week.

Year 6

  • As the Year 6 children enter their final two weeks at King’s St Alban’s they have been writing about their ‘Golden Moments.’ Well done to Lily-Mae, Izzy and Lydia who all delighted Mrs Beauchamp with their superb writing.

Times Tables Certificates

  • Arthur and Iman passed the Rainbow Challenge and seven times tables certificates were awarded, including Platinum awards for Sienna and Ana.