King's St Alban's

21 May

GYM homework returns!

GYM homework returned to King’s St Alban’s last weekend and the children didn’t disappoint, undertaking many fabulous projects!   Children from Nursery to Year 6 impressed us with their imaginative interpretation of the choices on their GYM homework grids and they have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their creations with their classes.

Random acts of kindness, such as helping out with a chore at home or helping to prepare lunch, as well as learning new skills such as how to tie shoe laces, were popular choices with the younger children.

Despite the weather, many children became keen gardeners over the weekend, with lots of children planting seeds, succulents and strawberries. Caring for the environment was another popular choice, with some great ideas for recycling items at home, including making plant pots out of old plastic bottles.

As ever we were impressed with the children’s creative flair.  The artwork that the children have shared with us has been superb, with a very colourful totem pole design, a beautiful interpretation of Monet’s Water Lilies, a realistic papier mâché fruit bowl and some striking self-portraits.

The children relished the chance to follow their interests and we were impressed with the research projects brought in.  These varied in subject from information about caring for pet snakes and snails, to information about Worcester’s tourist landmarks, a research project about the Houses of Parliament accompanied by a Lego model as well as a fantastically detailed family tree.

Well done everyone for your hard work! We are already looking forward to what you will create next time.