King's St Alban's

7 February

King’s St Alban’s Sports Round-up 07.2.20

This week’s King’s St Alban’s Sports Round-Up features a bumper collection of reports covering both girls netball and boys football. Matches took place against The Elms, Winterfold, RGS The Grange and King’s Hawford. It was brilliant to see so many pupils representing the school this past week.

Girls Netball

U11 A v The Elms

The girls had a good afternoon of netball. They played on a slightly smaller court than they were used to so did struggle at times to implement the dodges they had been working on recently. It was a physical game but was great practice for the upcoming IAPS games where the competition will be tough. Harriet made some super interceptions and Martha again proved her worth by leaping for every ball. We didn’t win but we have lots to take away from the match for the next lesson. Well done girls!

King's St Alban's Sport

U11 B v The Elms

It was great to see how much the girls have taken on board from their recent lessons. After a good session on dodging last week, Eva demonstrated all the dodges and moved into space to receive the ball on a number of occasions. Juliet worked hard in the centre of the court and did well to get in front of her player. Larissa and Ceri played well in the middle of the court and moved the ball up the court quickly between them. Grace was awarded ‘Player of the Match’ as GD, she repeatedly tipped the ball to stop it from getting into the D. A very pleasing performance from all the girls.

U9 A & B v Winterfold

The girls played a good afternoon of netball. It was a little cold so hands did struggle to catch the ball at times. Footwork had made a marked improvement and there were some good interceptions by Anoop and Taylor-Mae. We now need to practise trying to catch the ball rather than bat it away. Well done girls!

King's St Alban's Sport

U9 A Netball Tournament

What a lovely afternoon for the U9 netball tournament at the senior courts. The sun was shining and the girls were eager to get started. They played the new 5 a side ‘Stingers’ game (similar to the old high 5s) and they rotated their positions after every half a game. This was excellent as it meant all the girls played all the different positions. Certainly by the end of the tournament they had a strong awareness of where all the positions were and weren’t allowed to go.

Lucia had a great afternoon intercepting many balls and jumping for every catch. Mia was good defending with her long reach and Taylor-Mae worked hard to try to catch the ball rather than tip the the ball when intercepting. Immie ran after the loose balls as requested by me and gained possession of a few balls because of this. This gave her more confidence and consequently her netball was better. Anoop worked hard to keep up with her players and intercepted a few balls when defending and even scored a goal when playing GA – excellent! Alice, Ivy and Sidney were never ending in their effort to get the ball and kept dodging to get free from their player. All the girls now need to work on passing the ball cleanly and jumping for any interception. Well done girls, a super afternoon!

King's St Alban's Sport

U9 B Netball Tournament

What a fabulous afternoon of sport! I was delighted with the girls on Thursday as they played their socks off at the U9 Netball Tournament. This is the first time I have seen them play in a match this year and they all worked so hard. Who would have thought that Lily-May could throw the ball so hard? Scarlett by the end of the afternoon was marking her player and sticking to her like glue. Isabella had a stormer, her movement into space has improved so much. Florence was like a little terrier, popping up all over the court to receive the pass. After Eleanor had recovered from her first fall, a member of staff from the senior school commented on how springy she was when jumping for the ball. Mihika was a little reluctant at the start of the afternoon but by the end she was playing her heart out. Arabella, who also had a nasty tumble, chased a couple of loose balls and showed some determination in snatching the ball. I said to the girls after their 5 matches what a delight they had been; determined to do well, resilient when injured and showed true sportsmanship in all aspects of the game. Well done!

U8 v Winterfold

Winterfold brought all their Year 3 girls over to play netball against us on Tuesday. It was a wonderful afternoon, where our girls played non-stop ‘Stingers’ netball. With this new initiative the players have to move positions on each break in the game. It is great to see the progress they have made with their passing and catching skills. They are also starting to understand how they need to move into space to receive the ball. Ava particularly impressed me with her use of space and Sienna with her defending skills when playing GK. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

King's St Alban's Sport

King's St Alban's Sport

Boys Football

U11 A v Winterfold and King’s Hawford

On a sunny winters afternoon we travelled to Winterfold for a triangular fixture between them and Kings Hawford. We came up against Winterfold first, a strong team that played with a lot of intent and always looked to go forward. We found it hard to break them down but looked to play football in the right way, on the floor and to feet. Two early goals separated us and Winterfold. Next up of course was Kings Hawford. This game was enjoyable to watch. A lot of individual battles and two resilient defences! We came in at half time with the scores all square. However, having played two games in quick concession really took its toll on the lads and tiredness showed. It was also two goals being the difference between us and Hawford. Particular mentions go to Arthur M for some excellent saves and Luke P for working extremely hard throughout. Some brilliant football played at times, Well done lads!

King's St Alban's Sport

U11 B v Winterfold and King’s Hawford

It was great to have the chance to work with the boys and to see them play football on Wednesday. They had a couple of tough games but I felt they tried to play some good football. They tried to keep possession of the ball by manoeuvring it on the ground advancing up the field with purposeful passing. At times their first touch of the ball let them down and made it difficult for them to complete the pass. Tom H had two strong games, getting his head up and identifying the pass early. Henry L played well in goal but then played out and made some very strong tackles. Xander played up front for most of the afternoon and made some nice moves into space to receive the ball. Luke was strong in defense and had to work hard on a number of occasions when he was the only man back. Well done boys!

King's St Alban's Sport

U10 A v Winterfold and King’s Hawford

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon down at the King’s St Albans fields, the U10s played in a triangular fixture against King’s Hawford and Winterfold. Both Winterfold and King’s Hawford were very strong and passed the ball well. The boys worked really hard to try and break down their opponents possession of the ball. Angus G and Sam K looked incredibly strong in the middle of the pitch and created a number of chances. Oscar S played down the right hand side and used his strength and speed to take the ball past his opposite number on several occasions. Daniel W made some superb tackles in defence and looked composed with the ball at his feet to look up and make a pass to one of his team mates. This was the boys first football fixture playing together and there were many positives to take from it. Well done to all the boys involved in this fixture and we will looked to build on these performances for future games!

King's St Alban's Sport

U10 B v Winterfold and King’s Hawford

KSA U10 ‘B’ boys took on Winterfold B’s and C’s. Playing with one man less, KSA narrowly lost (1-2) in a very competitive match – including a contender for goal-of-the-season from Seb and pass-of-the-game by Thomas.  In the next game, KSA won 6-0.  A hat-trick from Seb (on his KSA debut) and a dynamic performance from Yousrey, helped KSA to a comfortable victory.

Congratulations to all the boys for their efforts.

U8/9 A  v Winterfold and RGS The Grange

On Tuesday afternoon we put together a mixed team of U9 and U8s to face Winterfold and RGS The Grange in a triangular fixture. The first game against RGS The Grange was a very close game, seeing the boys go into half time with the score at 0-0. After some very neat movement and individual dribbling RGS scored two in quick succession. Harry B didn’t look out of place playing up a year and worked incredibly hard in defence to make some great tackles and stop the RGS attacking moves. Peter U impressed again with some lovely tight control to go past his oppositions at ease. The second game the U8/9s stepped it up a gear and Winterfold struggled to keep KSA from scoring. Lex M showed a good turn of foot to knock the ball down the line and get several good quality crosses into the RGS box. He then finished off a great performance with a superb solo goal. Eddie U looked dangerous every time the ball was at his feet, he used his strength and speed to move the KSA possession up the pitch. Well done to all the boys – two great performances and a great day for King’s St Alban’s sport!

U8/9 B v Winterfold and RGS The Grange

On Tuesday afternoon the U9B’s played against RGS and Winterfold. We were up against RGS first and through lack of concentration we were 1-0 down early on. We looked to play positively and attack forward at any opportunity but RGS defended brilliantly. 1-0 loss! Winterfold next and what an exciting game this was, ending in a 4-2 loss! Particular mentions go to Ralph D and William D for scoring their first ever goals in a fixture! Well done boys, great effort all round!

U8/9 C v Winterfold and RGS The Grange

In a 3-way tournament, KSA U8’s played against RGS and Winterfold.  Lots of learning was had and much experienced gained – especially for those playing in their first ever competitive football matches.

A very pleasing afternoon for all the boys.

What a brilliant week for King’s St Alban’s sport!