King's St Alban's

16 November

Magical visitor inspires Pre-Prep

On Tuesday morning, the children in our Pre-Prep were delighted to welcome a very special visitor into school for assembly. No, it wasn’t Father Christmas (it is a little early for that), it was a wizard!

There was a humongous amount of excitement as Wizard Furzepig arrived, accompanied by lots of different woodland animals from The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Wizard Furzepig engaged the children in a number of wizarding activities. Firstly, the children helped to rearrange the letters that make up the word ‘acorn’ before they learnt about the importance of acorns and how they grow from a tiny nut into a magnificent oak tree. Magic!

The children volunteered to help the wizard with a magic spell and, after a few false starts, eventually acorns appeared in the cauldron. The children were amazed. To finish off our assembly the children listened to a story about lost words.

The children listened beautifully and it was fantastic to welcome a local visitor into Pre-Prep assembly.