King's St Alban's

12 March

The Power of Sport


In my 30 years of teaching, I don’t think I have appreciated the power of sport as much as I have this week with children excited to take part in everything from dance to water polo. It has been a joy to see so many smiling faces, with children clearly enjoying every activity they have participated in.

The week’s sport started on Monday with all the Year 6 children walking down to the school fields on a beautiful sunny afternoon for netball and football. They chatted and giggled all the way there and back, as they obviously had much to catch up on!

On Tuesday, the Year 3 girls were treated to a special lesson with the Director of Netball from the senior school, Mrs McKenzie, who took them for their first netball lesson.

Many of the children have had the chance to get back in the pool this week. I have been present in all the Pre-Prep swimming lessons and have had the huge pleasure of witnessing their excitement at the whole experience. Miss Woodger is very proud of all the children because, despite spending so much time at home, they have not forgotten what they learned in their previous lessons.

On Wednesday, our Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed KSA’s first-ever water polo tournament. My ears are still ringing from all the noise!

The after school sports clubs have never been so well attended. The power of sport to bring our children together is palpable and wonderful to witness. Cricket clubs are full to overflowing and the children are keen for the cricket season to start next term. The multi-sports clubs have worked well, with some old favourites resurfacing, such as  Meteorites and Danish Long Ball.  I had the ‘pleasure’ of taking my first Pre-Prep multi-sports club it was lots of fun and chaos for the children, but I was on my knees by the end!

Let’s hope for another two weeks of uninterrupted exciting sport before Easter!

Mrs J Clark


Water Polo:

It was amazing to have all of the children back in the pool and to see so many thoroughly enjoying themselves. Year 5 were first to get back in the water and they certainly got the afternoon off to a brilliant start. There was some great individual play from Lucia I and Ivy M, both scoring a number of times. Congratulations to Year 5 Armstrong House, who won two games and drew one.

Year 6 came into the pool next and there was some brilliant team work and skill on display. Emily A and Steph K impressed us with their passing and swimming with the ball and our non-swimmers, Evie P,  Amelia W, Maheen S and Ffion P were great at did a fantastic job captaining a team each and being in charge of substitutions. Congratulations to Year 6 Wilson House, who won all three of their games!

Mr C Hooman



This week, the children in Year 5 began their dance sessions in Pre-Prep Hall and Mrs Lewis was very impressed with both their enthusiasm and listening skills.  Clearly, the recent weeks of home learning have not dampened Year 5’s team spirit!

After lockdown, the children wanted an uplifting theme so both classes are creating dances are about positivity and ‘being yourself,’ with songs taken from ‘The Greatest Showman’. The emphasis over the coming weeks will be on having fun and working as a team as the children collaborate to create a class dance.  The power of sport in the form of dance is a fantastic way for our children to connect and create something special. Well done, Year 5!

Mrs L Lewis