King's St Alban's

17 June

Railway adventure for Reception.

On Wednesday the Reception classes of King’s St Alban’s and King’s Hawford joined forces to walk, the short journey to the Diglis Miniature Railway, for a morning of adventure. The children set off excitedly from King’s St Alban’s Pre Prep taking a route which took in the canal and the Diglis basin taking them directly to the miniature railway.  All of the children were keen to point out the all different types of transport they encountered on their journey and were heard happily chatting about what they could see.  They particularly enjoyed imagining where each of the different forms of transport could be heading!

Upon arrival at the Diglis Miniature Railway the children and staff were greeted by a group of train enthusiasts who explained to the children how steam trains worked and highlighted the difference between steam trains and electric trains. The children were all amazed!

Throughout the adventure the children’s behaviour was impeccable. They all remembered to put their hands up and asked lots of questions! They then got to have a go on the different types of trains which was the highlight of the trip! Hearing the children’s squeals of excitement was just wonderful as they zoomed around the railway track. After they had been on all 4 trains and had multiple goes around the track, it was time for a delicious packed lunch. The children sat beautifully in the park and ate lunch chatting away. They ended the trip with a play in the park, to run off any energy they had left off, before we all walked back to King’s St Alban’s together.

King’s St Alban’s Reception loved having Hawford join them for such a memorable trip and have written some lovely recounts of their special day. As the King’s Hawford pupils hopped on board the minibus, the King’s St Alban’s children returned to the classroom to eagerly recount their day. One pupil wrote, “We went to see Hawford to play on the train. We had lunch. We sat on the grass. We played on the playground.” The pupils also drew some beautiful pictures to accompany their excellent writing.