King's St Alban's

17 November

£1,632 raised for Read for Good

To nurture a passion for reading among our children this term, King’s St Alban’s children embarked on a very special sponsored read, called ‘Read for Good’. Read for Good’s vision is for all children in the UK to be given the opportunity, space and motivation to develop their own love of reading.

Our pupils first selected a number of books they would like to get into, then asked parents, relatives and friends to sponsor them to read them. The enterprise was greeted with a good deal of enthusiasm, and resulted in a fabulous £1,632 being raised. The money will be used to pay for brand new books to be taken to hospitals for sick children to read and enjoy. The books have to be brand new so they do not carry germs. Storytellers also visit the children to help bring the books to life.

Our children not only got to read lots of books, but they also learnt how lucky they were to be fit and healthy and not having to experience that uncomfortable mix of fear and boredom on a hospital ward.

A big thank you to all our families who have been so generous at this difficult time. I know for a fact that the momentum generated by Read for Good will continue to keep our pupils hooked on books into the future!