King's St Alban's

21 May

Reception enjoy first school trip!

This week Reception reached an important (yet somewhat delayed due to COVID) milestone in their school career. They went on their first school trip! The visit was to All Things Wild in Evesham, an animal park with everything from dinosaurs to zebras and a farmyard safari. The children enjoyed their first ride in a minibus and had a super time exploring the park in the sunshine. They got to hold baby rabbits and guinea pigs at our animal encounter session and being followed through the safari by the goats was a highlight! There was a delicious packed lunch which they ate whilst sheltering from the showers before setting off on the Dino Train. The route took the children through fields and they had a great time spotting the different dinosaurs hiding in the grass. The day finished on the adventure playground before heading back to school, tired but happy. The children behaved beautifully during the day and were fantastic representatives for the school. We are very proud of them all.

As well as getting out and about, Reception have also been working hard on their phonics this week, practising their blending skills ready for Year 1. They enjoyed making banana bread on Thursday with left over bananas from our packed lunches and Persie was kind enough to supply the eggs. Next week we are going to finish our work on minibeasts and go on a hunt to look for worms! Even if the weather is sunny, the children have learned a way to bring the wiggly creatures to the top of the soil. Every day is an exciting one in Reception class!