King's St Alban's

23 September

Reception settled into school life.

Three weeks into the new academic year, and indeed our Reception cohort’s formal educational journey, we are delighted to report that all pupils have settled into school life brilliantly. We are so proud of each and everyone of them for how they have adapted to new routines. Each pupil has demonstrated confidence and perseverance through their newfound learning skills. We have begun teaching our daily phonics with children engaging and thriving in their learning of letter sounds, as well as already blending and making up short words – amazing!

The pupils have spent lots of time getting to know one another just as we have been getting to know them. It has been fascinating learning about all their interests. This week, we have been looking at how much the children have changed since they were babies. Bringing photographs of themselves as babies into the classroom, pupils have relished the opportunity to look at the photographs not only of themselves but also of their peers as babies. There was much discussion around what they can do now that they couldn’t do as babies.

We have been thoroughly impressed by the speed at which the children have settled into school life, becoming familiar and confident in their new surroundings. We are so excited about all the learning and fun-packed experiences we have in store for this formative year in Reception. Looking ahead to the remainder of this half of term, children can look forward to our Harvest Festival next Friday, two exciting trips, more details of which are to follow, as well as lots more classroom-based fun and learning.

Hats off to Reception; you have made a fabulous start to your time at King’s St Alban’s and we can’t wait to see all your little personalities develop and grow over your time with us. To discover more about the Early Years curriculum, our aims and ethos please click here.