King's St Alban's

24 June

The Old Chapel residential trip returns.

The residential trip to the School’s Old Chapel, located in the depths of rural mid-Wales, has always been a highlight of every King’s St Alban’s pupil’s career, so we were delighted to see the return of the event to the school calendar this Summer Term, following a number of years’ absence.

Visiting in class groups, each class took it in turns to embark on a three-day, two-night outdoor adventure. There is no doubt that this cohort made the most of the experience; a huge well done to all of the Year 6!

Mrs White, who led The Old Chapel trip, was highly impressed by all of the pupils’ enthusiasm and eagerness to participate in everything in which they were given the opportunity to take part; true ‘Growth Mind Set Skills’ kicked in and were evident at all times. The glorious summer weather certainly helped to enable everyone to have a happy and successful time away.

There was a vast amount of activities on offer, which were designed to fill their days from the moment they awoke (quite early in some cases!) to the moment their heads hit the pillows in the evening. Pupils embraced the great outdoors with den-construction, mini-raft building (and of course, racing them), painting and playing hide and seek in the stunning woods which surround The Old Chapel. And if that wasn’t enough to keep them busy, the eager 11 year olds enjoyed walking up the stream and occasionally playing in it too. The children also enjoyed a 6-mile walk to Tal-y-Maes Bridge and writing a poem based on its wonderfully atmospheric setting.

A highlight of this residential trip for some, the infamous ‘egg challenge’ was reinstated and this year we even had an ‘egg prom!’ We all enjoyed eating our meals outside in The Old Chapel garden, especially the evening we had fish n’chips from Crickhowell, followed by marshmallows and hot chocolate by the campfire.

All three Year 6 classes were a pleasure to be with; they were polite, engaging and totally awesome.