King's St Alban's

13 February


U8 & U9 Swimming Gala v RGS The Grange:

 Thursday's year 3&4 gala was thoroughly enjoyed by all. There were some excellent swims and some amazing efforts even with goggles falling off and being a little unsure of when to swim. It is very pleasing to see the swimmers overcoming their initial nerves and give their all.   

Miss Woodger

U11 & U10 Swimming Gala v Haberdashers' Monmouth and The Elms – Monday 11th February

This was an extra gala in preparation for the IAPS qualifying round next month. All children who participate in IAPS swim training on Friday morning were invited to swim. The children all swam really well against some very tough competition, in fact HMSG's U11 girls had won the Welsh national freestyle relay the week before. There were some wins and some second place finishes and all in all it excellent competition for us in preparation for IAPS. Highlights for the myself was the sheer determination of all the children to win their race. That fighting spirit will stand them all in good stead. However, we were narrowly beaten into second place by HMSG. Well done children, you coped very well for such a late gala.  

Mrs Hind

Boys' Football

KSA U9 Football Festival:

KSA U9’s football team hosted four other local schools and came away with some respectable performances.

Jinc was outstanding in goal, in all 4 games, and pulled-off one the best saves we’ll see at KSA, for a very longtime to come. And Thomas’ resilience and willingness (along with his ever increasing Growth Mindset) to play his part, shone out too.

Mr Benham​

U10 / 11 v RGS Springlfield

In a match which KSA dominated, they ended up losing 0-1.

On a brighter note, the boys have thoroughly improved with their skills and teamwork, and we look forward to the 2nd half of the term’s fixtures.

Sam Perkins: MoM (excellent display).

Mr Benham​

U11 B v Blue Coat

On Wednesday, our U11 B football team lined up against a solid, skilful Blue Coat side. From the very first whistle, the game was end to end and was clearly going to be a good one to watch. We went a goal down fairly on, with Charlie A's great save falling to the feet of their striker who tucked it away. We bounced back quickly, with Finn winning and scoring a penalty. 1-1 at half-time and a few defensive adjustments ("don't dive in!") led to an impressive second half. The boys played some outstanding football, with 1-2s, passing and moving and impressive shots in abundance. At one point, it seemed as though the Blue Coat keeper was refusing to concede another goal – he made several spectacular saves. However, we broke the deadlock and ran out as 4-1 winners thanks to a goal from Seth and two from Sufiyaan to add to Finn's first half strike. Regardless of the score, I was absolutely delighted with the football we played and the attitude we played it with. This was probably my most enjoyable match of the season so far. Well done, boys. 

Mr Dudley

 U11 C  v Blue Coat 

We welcomed Blue coat school to our playing fields for this weeks fixture, the last game before half term and what a fixture it was! It had everything from top corner goals to last ditch tackles.

However, the game started off slow with both teams struggling to even string a couple of passes together. KSA enjoyed most of the ball but found it difficult to break Blue coat down and through a scrappy passage of play it was Blue coat that took a surprising lead, having had very little of the ball. It seemed that going behind was the wake up call that KSA needed and from there on in the pressure didn’t stop, the running didn’t stop and as a reward the goals started to come, but it wasn’t until the second half that the first goal was scored. 

A particular mention goes to Louie L who scored the first two goals for KSA. His first goal was a typical wingers goal, beating two players with ease, cutting in side and slotting the ball into the bottom corner. The second goal came from a triangular passage of play between, Louie L, Monty H and Pranav. One touch passes around the Blue coat defenders found Louie L on his own to pass the ball into the back of the net. 2-1 to KSA!

Pranav moved from striker to winger and did a great job out wide. He beat his man, played a ball across the box, as the ball came across the box it took an unfortunate touch off a Blue coat defender and the ball found the back of the net. Own goal but 3-1 to KSA.

Within the last ten minutes we scored two more goals, one from Pranav as he smashed the ball into the top corner and a good goal from James D! The game ended 5-1, a very well deserved win! Particular mentions go to Ian D, Ben G and Charlie F our defenders! Apart from the goal, nothing got past them all game! Well done today boys, you should all be proud of your performance.

Mr Taylor

U11 D v Blue Coat

A lovely bright afternoon saw an equally bright and entertaining game between our U11 D team and their Bluecoat rivals. The game was played at a very quick pace from the whistle and very energetic running from Felix T in midfield and Toby A in attack saw us put a lot of early pressure on their defence. William G was outstanding in defence and tackled hard but fairly all game; he was also very adept at running the ball out of defence and feeding our midfield. There were, however, few attempts on goal from either side until late in the first-half when Charlie M-W  finished off a great move to score the first and only goal of the game. The second half started with several attempts on our goal but our defence held tight and energetic and intelligent running from Alex J  and continued hard work from William held them at bay. Both Toby and Felix were unlucky not to score late on in the game but it wasn't to be: the final 1 – 0 score line in our favour was, in the end, a fair reflection on the game. 

Mr Mann

Girls' Netball

U8 A & B v The Downs, Malvern 

The girls had a lovely couple of matches in the sport shall on Tuesday afternoon. The U8A team played first and it was evident that their moving and passing had improved after their 3 matches so far. The ball was passed nicely towards the attacking end by Immie, Taylor-Mae and Mia and Mia scored the winning goal of the match, to win 1-0. Well done! The U8B team were up next and were full of enthusiasm for their match. The passing was much better than it has been of late but we must still pass more accurately to our players. However, Sidney was on fire with her goals and managed to score 4 goals for KSA, meaning we won 4-0. Well done girls, lovely to have some success. Well done!

Mrs Hind

U9 v The Downs

The Girls enjoyed a full afternoon of netball in the Keyes Building on Tuesday. The A team played first and after our success last week were excited to get started. We were then surprised at how quick and sharp at passing the girls from The Downs were. Although, we went down in the first quarter, the girls worked hard to keep the ball going forward and tried hard to link a series of passes. Lilly-Mae had another good game in the centre and Heidi marked her GA well. Pari played GK and worked hard to stay in-front of her GS throughout the game.  In the last two quarters the girls passing started to get more accurate and they worked hard to find the space. Well done to Amelia for being their 'Player of the Match'. The B team then played an outstanding game. Their passing, marking and moving all showed progress. Maheen and Emily did well in the centre of the court and tried hard to link some passes together. Zara played well in the defensive D. 'Player of the Match' was rightly awarded to Olivia who had an outstanding match. Her red face after the game showed how hard she worked! Well done to all the girls who played.

Mrs Clark

U10 v The Downs

The U10 girls had their best game of the season so far against the Downs on Wednesday. After the first quarter they were 3-2 up. Their marking was good from the start and they intercepted a number of passes but gave to many passes away. The next three quarters we concentrated on getting into space and then moving towards the ball, which they started to do well. Arabella was exceptional in the centre of the court with lots of interceptions. Ava kept tight on her GA and gave her little chance to get into the D. Martha and Pia both played well in the D and ended up scoring 9 goals between them. Well done to all of the girls!

Mrs Clark

U11B v The Downs, Malvern

The U11B netball team had a superb match against The Downs, Malvern. It should be noted that they were playing against their A team. The girls started well and there was much defending to do and at half time the score was 0-2 to The Downs. In the third quarter they brought it back and were leading 3-2. The girls added another 2 to their score in the final quarter to win 5-3. It was a very toughly fought match, one that was very physical in nature. Our girls stood their ground and there was some amazing interceptions by Frankie and superb footwork by Phoebe W. Well done girls, you deserved that win. 

Alex Hind

U11C v The Downs, Malvern

The U11C team had a good match against The downs, Malvern's B team on Wednesday afternoon. They started well and by the end of the first quarter managed to keep the score to 1-1. However, in the 2nd quarter, The Downs, Malvern upped their games and at half time we were losing 1-3. There was some excellent movement around centre court by Libby and Aggie and Cerys did a sterling job as GD. However, in the final quarter the score ran away with the Downs and we ended up losing 1-10. Well done girls, you fought hard but it wasn't to be.