King's St Alban's

15 September

Year 5 enjoy jam-packed multi-activity programme

Travelling to the University of Worcester Lakeside Campus , which is located in stunning rural Worcestershire, pupils in Year 5 enjoyed a jam-packed multi-activity programme designed to build confidence and resilience.

Upon arrival at the outdoor education activity centre the children were divided into three groups. There was great excitement amongst the cohort about the activities that lay ahead.

Providing a vast range of fantastic opportunities, the highly experienced team of instructors at Lakeside delivered a truly engaging experience which was brought to life for our pupils in the form of land-based team building tasks, canoeing and raft building.

Throughout the course of the day children were encouraged to demonstrate logical thinking, leadership skills, resilience, perseverance, cooperation, and problem solving – all of which they did in abundance. The primary aim of the day’s activities was to get the children to work as a team but in particular we wanted them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. The staff were particularly impressed by children who were keen to expand their horizons and try their hand at new skills.

The concentration on the pupils’ faces was evident as rafts of all shapes and sizes were constructed, followed by much laughter, giggling and happy faces as the rafts were tested. And of course, hilarity as pupils were plunged into the lake!  The land-based team building skills provided just as much hilarity, with pupils having to balance on planks of wood, create marble runs from drainpipes and a take part in competitive rounds of tug of war.  Canoeing was also well received and pupils particularly relished the challenge to stand up on the canoe without falling in!

At the start of their final year in the Prep School before transitioning to ‘big school’ it was a pleasure to witness a year group bonding so well and showing a positive attitude towards each other throughout the multi-activity programme.

Well done to all those involved.