King's St Alban's

10 June

An out of this world experience.

Pupils from King’s St Alban’s Nursery through to Year 6 had an out of this world (or should we say ‘into this world’!) experience as they ventured into the Earth Balloon. An awesome resource, the Earth Balloon provided by Worcestershire County Council is a 6.7 metre inflatable globe which just about fitted in our Pre-Prep Hall.

Throughout the course of the day each class had the opportunity to venture inside the globe through Velcro zippers located along the International Date Line and the Greenwich Meridian line. The globe, large enough to hold an entire class and their teachers, enabled everyone to delve into their curriculum areas from Humanities to Science at all levels.

A wide variety of exciting activities took place within the globe, from story-telling with an environmental theme to recapping what pupils had previously learnt about the world in the classroom. This included naming and locating oceans and seas and identifying as many countries as they could; there was some healthy competition to see who could list the most!

When it was the turn of 4J to visit the Earth Balloon, they delighted in singing songs, listening to the unusual echo produced by the sounds within the globe.

Constructed of 24 panels, each representing a time zone in the world, the Earth Balloon is constructed at a scale of 1cm representing 19km. At this scale, the pupils were fascinated to learn that: the moon would be 210 metres away and 1.8 metres in diameter, the sun would be 80 kilometres away and 730 metres high, the space shuttle would fly 14cm from the surface of the globe and satellites would orbit 20 metres above. Fascinating stuff, we think you will agree.

This was an unusual, exciting, and unforgettable experience was enjoyed by all.