King's Hawford

31 January

Bringing Science to Life in Year 6

It’s been wonderful to see our Year 6 children bringing Science to life, whether working from home or in school as part of our critical keyworker care. The children are currently studying ‘forces’ and we are delighted to report that they are as inquisitive as ever. 

Each week the children look forward to an investigation that has a practical element to it. Their latest task was a STEM based activity, relating to upthrust in water. The children were asked to design a foil boat to see how many coins they could fit in before it sank and the weight became stronger than the upthrust.

Once their boat had sunk they had to analyse their design before creating a new boat to see if they could increase the number of coins that it could take before sinking.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Science experiment and the opportunity to apply their learning in a very practical way.

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