Welcome to King’s Hawford

It is my greatest privilege to welcome you to King’s Hawford, a truly magical place.

From the very greenest of shoots in our award winning Kindergarten, through the exciting years of Pre-Prep and into the upper years of Prep, children are challenged and nurtured in equal measure. We are proud of our place within The King’s School, Worcester Foundation and ensure that at the end of their King’s Hawford journey our boys and girls are “King’s Ready” as they step across to the Senior School.

We like to think of our approach at King’s Hawford as akin to a greenhouse with the windows slightly ajar, fresh air being allowed to circulate and children growing and developing under the watchful eye of warm, attentive and loving staff. Some children will find their reading spark on the top floor of our double decker library bus and some will deepen their understanding of equilibrium whilst balancing on a katakanu, or climbing a tree. Our commitment to learning outside of the classroom and environmental sustainability are at the heart of all we do, and this fosters a great sense of responsibility towards nature in every child.

Every pupil at King’s Hawford has access to unparalleled facilities and inspiring teaching staff. As ever though, it is the pupils themselves who make the school what it is. Children at King’s Hawford are defined by their strength of character. They put their hands up, they have a go and they are confident to do so, whilst looking after each other when things don’t go to plan. This is the very DNA of our Foundation, and the values on which it is built.

Please do take the opportunity to come and see us in person, I look forward to meeting you and your children, and showing you our wonderful school.

Tom Butt

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