Welcome to King’s Hawford

King’s Hawford is a very special place. There is a huge warmth and vibrancy running through the school community, an extremely effective and creative approach to teaching and learning, and an enormous range of opportunities available to our children, both in and out of the classroom. My team have created a happy and ambitious learning environment, and I feel extremely privileged to be the Head of this delightful school.

At King’s Hawford we aim for excellence in all areas of the academic and wider curriculum. We firmly believe that each and every member of our wonderful school community has something special to offer, and we find them every opportunity to shine; whether it be in the classroom, on the stage achieving greatness in the expressive arts, out at Forest School or on the sports field. However diverse or unusual your children’s interests might be, they will find their place at King’s Hawford.

Small classes and dedicated teaching and support staff encourage all of our children to reach their academic potential, but this is just one aspect of the provision. Teaching and learning are structured to encourage the children to build the skills that they will need, not just at King’s Senior School, but into their young adulthood. They are encouraged to work collaboratively, build resilience and think independently.

I would encourage you to come and visit us to and see all that King’s Hawford has to offer. You will find the children to be confident, respectful and only too keen to share their views on life at Hawford with you.

Jennie Phillips

Jennie Phillips and her family (Full width Image)

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