We believe that children learn from a range of experiences. We bring the curriculum to life, offering exciting, dynamic, and varied learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Our approach includes a focus on problem-solving, reasoning, and thinking skills. Children work both individually and with others to solve problems and to engage with their own learning.

At King’s Hawford, school life is not defined by timetabled hours. Our education takes place before, during, and after school to make sure that no opportunity to expand our children’s minds is lost.

Children have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and take part in a diverse range of extra activities both at lunchtime and after school. These include chess, Mandarin, First Aid, Theatre skills, STEM, sign language, karate, music, ballet, cookery, gardening, photography, Forest School, construction, Katakanu lessons, and outdoor activities. The opportunities are seemingly endless and give our children the chance to discover the enjoyment of activities they may never have considered before.

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We believe that childhood is a time of learning through enjoyment - to extend their horizons, and to grow as individuals in a warm and nurturing environment.

Shaping Endless Curiosity

Learning at King’s Hawford is very much a two-way process. We encourage our pupils, even from an early age, to really engage with their learning, to be curious about what can be achieved, and to make decisions that will help them to learn.

Children at Hawford regularly enjoy open-ended challenges that could have a diverse range of outcomes. Within parameters and using several different approaches to work, they must work together to solve a problem or complete a challenge. The emphasis is placed on the process, rather than the outcome.

Children have the confidence to try new things and attempt activities that take them out of their comfort zone, safe in the knowledge that it may lead to failure. They understand that sometimes the greatest understanding comes from making mistakes and learning from them.

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Award-Winning Outdoor Learning

At King’s Hawford we use nature and outdoor learning to spark curiosity, build energy, ignite imaginations, and nurture a passion for learning.  Through plentiful, structured indoor and outdoor learning we develop independent thinkers and build curiosity, and we know that curiosity makes children active and engaged learners.

Learning occurs everywhere, at all times, and not just in the classroom. Nature and wildlife are fundamental parts of our well-rounded and balanced education. Going outdoors allows children to seek and appreciate the environment around them. We believe in giving children the chance to take risks and to build confidence, determination, and resilience.

Outdoor learning is natural, exciting and exhilarating and we embrace the opportunity to use our beautiful school grounds and surrounding area by undertaking practical tasks designed to enhance the curriculum and develop problem-solving skills.

We believe that children should enjoy the natural environment around them in this ‘big sky school’. We want our children to be children. We want them to keep their curiosity alive, through adventure, discovery and through active learning.

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