At King’s Hawford we want our pupils to feel relaxed and supported. We provide a nurturing home-from-home environment that our children look forward to every day. 

Children can be dropped off from 7.45am and we offer supervised care or after-school clubs every day until 6.00pm. A range of clubs is provided throughout the school year, giving children the opportunity to spend plenty of time with their friends. A Holiday Club runs on-site during the school holidays. Our Holiday Club is run by King’s Hawford staff ensuring continuity of care for our pupils. All year round care is very much a part of Hawford life.

A diverse range of clubs and activities is offered at lunchtime and after school: chess, debating, coding, sports, theatre, karate, gymnastics and Outward Bound, for example. We take the view that education takes place before, during and after school, as well as in all parts of our extensive grounds.

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We want our children to enjoy school and to look forward to each day with a strong desire to give their best.

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