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King’s Worcester Nursery – King’s Hawford Nursery

King’s Hawford Nursery and Pre-school is part of the award winning King’s Worcester Nursery Group. Highly rated by parents, it is one of the best Nursery and Pre-school settings in Worcester and the surrounding area. Children that attend our nursery learn through play and quickly gain in confidence developing personal, social and emotional skills along the way.

The nursery offers year round provision alongside more flexible options. Registrations are open for September 2024. If you are looking for a nursery place for your child to start in September 2024 please contact our Registrar, Mrs Melanie Adams, 01905 451 292.

Children have opportunities to investigate and experience things whilst playing and exploring. They learn to concentrate, to solve problems for themselves, develop their own ideas and to make links by thinking creatively and critically.

Katie Poole

Kindergarten Manager

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