King's Hawford

28 January

Celebrating Success at King’s Hawford

It’s been another busy week at King’s Hawford, and our assembly today has been about celebrating success. Year 6 joined Mrs Phillips in The Barn whilst the rest of the pupil body zoomed in.

Mrs Phillips started the assembly by asking Lisbeth to join her at the front. Through some detective work, Mrs Phillips had heard about her selfless act of donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust. Lisbeth, whose hair used to stretch to the bottom of her back, decided to brave the chop so she could donate her hair to the charity. She was keen to support children who had lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy treatment. The whole school joined Mrs Phillips in applauding Lisbeth’s act of kindness.

This week Mrs Phillips was delighted to award four Head Teachers Awards. Elizabeth N and Oliver G in Year 3 both produced spectacular Egyptian Canopic jars in art to earn theirs, whilst in Year 4 George M and Holly J were awarded HTAs for their excellent diary entries for Harry Potter about his day at the zoo (based on Chapter 2 of the Philosopher’s Stone, which they are currently studying in English).

There have been lots of house points awarded this week and the top house point scorers from each year were congratulated by Mrs Phillips and awarded their certificates. Well done to Sadie G (Rec), Eleanor N (Y1), Charlotte F (Y2), Thea E (Y3), Harriet B (Y4), Issie F (Y5) and Amelia M (Y6).

Jack W in Year 6 was awarded his Science Activity Badge to add to his growing collection – a super achievement.

The assembly finished with Mrs Phillips wishing the U11 Girls IAPS netball team the best of luck in their tournament today.

Our weekly assemblies celebrating success across the school play an important role in nurturing all of the children at King’s Hawford.