King's St Alban's

14 January

Celebrating Success: Spring Term Week 2

Thank you to Alfred, who is currently in the Lower 6th at King’s Senior School, for opening our assembly with a lively jazz piano piece.  As if his performance was not impressive enough, when Mr Chapman asked how he managed to remember the piece so well, as he did not have any music, Alfred replied that much of it was improvised! Thank you, Alfred, for a most inspirational start to the day!

We then moved on to our awards and shout-outs for this week:


  • Archie received a Super Star award for his outstanding effort and engagement this week.
  • Miss Woodger was delighted with all of Reception for showing great perseverance in swimming this week.  Well done, all of you.

Year 1

  • Rudy earned a certificate for Focus and Persie was this week’s Super Star for being kind and hard working.
  • Well done to Daniel and Daisy on their fantastic rhyming poems.
  • Sofia had a great time skiing over Christmas and brought in her certificate to show us.

Year 2

  • Zack’s concentration and hard work earned him a certificate for Focus and the Super Star award went to Greta for embracing a maths challenge.

Year 3

  • In French, the children are using the story of Little Red Riding Hood to learn new vocabulary.  All of the children worked extremely hard, especially Mark, Tommy, Archie, Ariya, Skye and Sophie.
  • All of 3A were congratulated on their enthusiasm and team work in the science lab this week.
  • Tommy, Mark, Madie, Ariya and Mia put in super effort in English.

Year 4

  • Thank you to Lily for being so kind and helpful to Suzie, who joined the class this week

Year 5

  • All of Year 5 were congratulated on their positive attitude and helpful discussions about puberty with Jonny Hunt in PHSE.
  • Mrs Etherington was delighted with her maths set for their ‘have a go’ attitude and perseverance in this week’s lessons, especially Eshal, Tia, George, Leo, Sienna, William, Ella, Iman and Ralphie.
  • 5E thoroughly enjoyed their dance lessons with Mrs Lewis, who was delighted with their focus and enthusiasm.
  • Times tables certificates were awarded to Rory, Jack, Ace, Katie and Arthur.
  • 5P wrote their own version of The Demon Headmaster and Mrs Pitts was especially pleased with Katie, Ace, Iman and Izzy on their super stories.

Year 6

  • 6DB are learning about plate tectonics and mountainous environments in humanities, and Mr Braithwaite praised Aiden, Henry, Jack and Harry on their super written work and also their excellent contributions to class discussion on the subject.


  • Well done to Mrs Holden-Milner, Mrs Monkhouse, Mrs Withnall and Mrs Lewis on successfully completing an eight week .b course, run by MiSP, the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

And finally

  • Well done to Evie, Rook, Suzie and George, who joined us this term.  All four of them have settled in to their new classes very well and we are pleased to welcome them to the KSA family.