King's Hawford

29 April

Celebrating Success: Summer Term Week 2

Despite only being back at school for a little over a week, there was much to celebrate this morning at King’s Hawford.

Mrs Phillips has been delighted to welcome a whole host of visitors to her office this week to receive Head Teacher’s Awards, congratulations to the following: Elsa B-H (Year 2), India B (Year 2), Emily S (Year 4), George M (Year 4), Holly J (Year 4), Jetta P (Year 4), Robyn G (Year 4), Arya P (Year 5), Jack M (Year 5), Max D (Year 5), Amelia M (Year 6), Bertie D (Year 6), Daniel L (Year 6), Emily J (Year 6), Florence B (Year 6), Joe E (Year 6) and Zofia W (Year 6). An outstanding effort and a great start to the Summer Term.

Following a rousing round of applause, Mrs Phillips awarded this week’s top House point achievers from each year group their certificates. Congratulations to Blake H-S (Reception), Bruce W (Year 1), India B (Year 2), Lily S-H (Year 3), Emily S (Year 4), Jack M (Year 5) and Joe E (Year 6). Keep up the good work.


KH Celebration


KH Celebration Assembly


LAMDA has always been a popular activity here at King’s Hawford and this was most certainly evident at Celebration Assembly this week as Mrs Phillips awarded over sixty LAMDA certificates to pupils in Year 3 through to Year 6. Taking their examinations last term, we were delighted to celebrate the following pupils achievements:

Year 3

LAMDA Solo Introductory Stage 3 – Mary W (Distinction), Arthur O (Distinction), Harry G (Distinction), Olivia G (Merit), Pippa P (Merit), Oliver G (Distinction), Shaan Go (Distinction) and George C (Merit).


KH Celebration Assembly


Year 4

LAMDA Speaking Verse & Prose Entry Level – Henry W (Distinction), George O (Distinction), Annabel J (Merit), Harriet B (Merit), Ava (Distinction), Emily S (Merit), Samuel (Distinction), Harry C (Merit), Rory G (Merit), Evan N (Merit), Darcy B (Distinction), Teddy C (Distinction), George M (Distinction) and Rhys M (Merit).


KH Celebration Assembly


Year 5

LAMDA Speaking Verse & Prose Grade 1 – Rose G (Distinction), Georgia P (Distinction), Edith D (Distinction), Sartaaj (Distinction), Poppy C (Distinction), Freddie P (Merit) and Johnnie T (Distinction).

LAMDA Acting Duo Entry Level – Isla H (Distinction) and Harriette T (Distinction).

LAMDA Acting Solo Grade 1 – Barnaby B (Distinction) and Jack M (Distinction).


KH Celebration Assembly


Year 6

LAMDA Acting Solo Grade 1 – Arabella D (Distinction), Florence C (Merit)

LAMDA Speaking Verse & Prose Grade 2 – Eva M (Distinction), Molly W, Emily J (Merit)

LAMDA Acting Duo – Elissa O (Distinction), Seren L (Distinction), Amelia M (Distinction) and Imogen B (Distinction).


KH Celebration Assembly

Prior to the Easter holidays, Mrs Knight set Year 3 an optional project as part of their PSHE programme. Mrs Knight wanted the children to think creatively to produce a poster, collage, presentation, or model to highlight road safety – a topic the children had been covering in their lessons in the lead up to the holidays. One particular pupil, George C went above an beyond creating a seasonally appropriate model of how to cross a road safely. Although no laughing matter, George even managed to incorporate a joke into his project – Why did the Hawford chickens cross the road? “To get an educathen!” It made the whole school, sat in The Barn chuckle! Well done, George.


KH Celebration Assembly


From a standing start as the new term begins pupils eagerly awaited the results of the House point totals for the week, and indeed term to date. These were announced as follows: Bredon (439 points) Malvern (444 points), Clent (456 points) and Kinver (442 points), and hence Clent are currently in the lead. However, as Mrs Phillips impromptu maths challenge suggested there is only 17 points between 1st and 4th place – watch this space!

Rounding off our awards for the week, Holly J and Florrie C were awarded their Junior King’s Hawford Badge and King’s Hawford Badge respectively.

After many rounds of applause, pupils enjoyed listening to one of our extremely talented musicians who performed a piece called ‘A Swing’ on the piano. Performing in front of the whole school is no mean feat but James performed beautifully. For the first time this academic year, as Reception class joined Celebration Assembly for the first time in The Barn, the whole school then sang a roof raising rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’.


KH Celebration Assembly


This week’s Celebration Assembly concluded with a school prayer led by newly appointed School Prefects, Anya R and Eden G both of whom read beautifully. Mrs Phillips wished the whole school a fabulous long weekend and looked forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday. The school left The Barn with a spring in their step listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.