King's St Alban's

20 November

Celebration Assembly 20th November 2020

Our large Pre-Prep Hall is easily able to accommodate all of our Pre-Prep children, even when sitting in distinctly separate bubbles, so it was wonderful to have all of our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children present for assembly today.

Mrs Hadfield and Mrs Thorp are delighted with the progress our Reception class are making with their handwriting, especially Daisy, Iris, Livvy, Sofia, Julietta and Hugo.  George has shown great concentration during carpet time and Rudy has worked hard in all his lessons this week, so both were awarded Super Hero certificates.

Mrs Chatterton has been very impressed with how grown up Year 1 have been when researching nocturnal animals this week.  Special mention goes to Aubrey and Millie for their super attitude and focus. In maths, Nell and Ben did extremely well when identifying 2D shapes, Henry I was commended on his perseverance with his reading and Ben D received a well-deserved mention for his continued kindness and good manners.

Inspired by their topic on Space, Year 2 have been using iPads and books to research facts about planets.  Archie and Isy were congratulated on the high standard of their research.  Zara was so inspired by the topic that she began writing a story in Late Room and continued at home as she was so keen to complete it.  Skye made excellent use of adjectives when writing a postcard from Space and had beautiful handwriting too. Well done, Skye!  William B received a Super Hero certificate for his focus and precision when looking at bar charts and Ben J received one for his motivation and hard work in all subjects.

Year 5 have certainly been hard at work in maths this week.  Mia G was praised for her accuracy when drawing and measuring angles, Jack showed great perseverance with some difficult work on equivalent fractions, Ollie KD also showed great understanding in his work on fractions and Felix excelled in mental maths. There has been great literary creativity in Year 5 too, with a superb story from Jinc and Angus about a game of hide and seek.  The boys created great tension and suspense in their writing, with excellent use of ‘the tricks of the writer’s trade.’  Year 5 have also developed their poetic talents by writing recipes for diversity.  Well done to Seb, Yiming, Sam R, JM, Taylor-Mae, Olivia and Lucia on their insightful and well-written poems.

Finally, well done to Eddie on being the star of Year 4 this week.  He has made outstanding progress, thanks to sheer hard work and perseverance.  Well done, Eddie!