King's St Alban's

21 May

Celebration Assembly 21st May 2021

As always, following a GYM homework weekend, this morning’s celebration assembly was a bumper edition with many and varied items of work to celebrate!

We began with a real treat form Alice Braithwaite (yes, very much related to our own Mr Braithwaite!) who wowed us with a stunning performance of Fantasia by Georg Philipp Telemann.  Many of the children watching from around the school were clearly in awe and there was more than one admiring glance from fellow flautist, Mrs Gunter!


  • Well done to Iris, who earned a certificate for super independent work when writing about the class trip to All Things Wild.
  • Elodie received a Superstar award for always trying her hardest and setting a fabulous example to her classmates.
  • It was Reception’s first ever school trip this week and all of the children had a fantastic time at All Things Wild.  Inspired by their day, they used their phonics knowledge to write about the day, with Julietta and Amber writing fabulous pieces of work.

Year 1:

  • Millie’s work on writing sentences with two adjectives earned her a certificate for focus.
  • Year 1’s Superstar this week was Kasvika, for always listening and implementing the advice she has been given.

Year 2

  • Archie B received a certificate for concentration and focus
  • Marnie received a Superstar award for the superb title page she created on PowerPoint, using a number of different effects.

Year 3:

  • In science, 3E have been carrying out experiments with paper springs and Humph, Aelwen, Charlotte and Jasper were congratulated on their excellent written conclusions.

Year 4:

  • The children have been learning about apostrophes and Jack created a poster in his own time to explain the many uses of these rather tricky punctuation marks.
  • 4R were celebrating the fact that they all passed their next times tables award.  Well done all of you!
  • Well done to Rory, who is the first in Year 4 to pass all of the Rainbow times tables challenges.

Year 5:

  • Mrs Kilbey was very impressed by George, Alice, Felix, Jack, Eddie, Mia, Ivy, Olivia, Tommy and Lily in a recent French writing test.
  • Mr Chapman has been taking Set 1 maths while Year 6 are enjoying the carousel activities and has been very impressed by the whole class.
  • In English, the children have been practicing the tricks of the writer’s trade by continuing a story with Taym, Eamon, Lily, Liv, Izzy and Alanna deserving special mention for their excellent work.
  • Well done to James L on his detailed work on produced an amazing set of road symbols for an unpleasant road adventure through an unpleasant valley!
  • 5P have been learning how to change the direction of light and all drew excellent diagrams of refraction.
  • In Maths, Sam R explained a word problem very clearly and tried new techniques to find the answer.
  • Well done to Sebastian, who not only excels when it comes to vocabulary, he was also kind enough to lend his coat to a friend who did not have one this week.

Year 6:

  • Mrs Beauchamp thanked all of 6DB for a fantastic week of ICT.  The children’s films are excellent and she particularly enjoyed their song choices.
  • 6HM have had a superb week focussing on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Mr Braithwaite was especially impressed by the news reports from Luca, Sophie, Zara and Evie, and also by Luca, Evie, Sophie, Daniel, Anna, Willoughby and Henry for their ‘the story so far’ work.
  • 6KB had a week of geography activities, and their enthusiasm and enjoyment has been a delight.


Mr Chapman and Miss Cartwright attended Evensong on Wednesday and were delighted to see some of our dedicated KSA Choristers receive awards.

  • Giles received the Worcester Lodge 280 Choral Foundation Scholarship
  • Benedict received the Roland’s Trust Scholarship and the Old Choristers Association Award
  • Sebastian received the Elgar Foundation Scholarship

Well done boys on your well-earned awards.

Other news:

  • Emily A and her father spent last Sunday helping the Worcester Lions Club to cook meals for 100 homeless people
  • Emily H was Star of the Week at Worcester Karate Club

GYM Homework:

The inventiveness and dedication shown by pupils on our termly GYM Homework weekends never fails to impress. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Eshal created a poster showing all her favourite aspects of this year’s Eid celebrations
  • Karla made a Lego model of the Houses of Parliament
  • Willoughby built a remote control Lego car
  • Lucy made a poster about Space
  • Rory made a video describing how to use a Soda Stream
  • Eddie looked at music technology through the ages
  • Lily E created a Harry Potter board game
  • Jess put together a PowerPoint presentation about Florence Nightingale
  • Isabelle made a very informative poster about her pet snake!
  • Ollie J made papier mâché fruit
  • Henry S drew out his family tree, going back 6 generations
  • Guy made a giant bird box
  • Sidney did some amazing digital art
  • Ralphie made a timeline of important events in his life