King's St Alban's

29 January

Celebration Assembly 29th January 2021

Once again, our teachers are delighted with the quantity and quality of work being submitted.  Here are a few worthy ‘shout outs’ from today’s Celebration Assembly, which you can also view below.


  • Poppy and Elodie for their superb retelling of the story of Goldilocks.
  • Everyone for filling the cube jar and earning a well-deserved treat!

Year 1

  • Hard work on phonics and maths from all children this week; well done all of you!

Year 2

  • All of the children have delighted Miss Chadwick with their enthusiasm and hard work.

Year 3

  • Wilf, for building a fantastic house for the Three Little Pigs.
  • James, Will and Wilf, for hard work on parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Karla, for an excellent piece of art using pencil sharpenings.
  • Lily E and Laura, for their work on oceans.
  • Shreya, for focus.
  • Ollie, for kindness.
  • Phoebe, for challenging herself.
  • Monty, for his attention to detail.
  • Lily, for excellent independent working.
  • Humphrey, for his enthusiasm.
  • Tom, for being helpful and thoughtful.
  • Harry B and Jack for good effort in French.
  • Well done to Charlotte C, who wins the Sport & Draw competition, set by Mrs Clark.

Year 4

  • Harry, Oliver and Iman for excellent mapping skills.
  • Mortimer, for super comprehension.
  • Eddie, for super pace in his work.
  • Penny, Ace, Eshal, Jack, Georgia and Sienna, for great science work on bones and x-rays.
  • Ace, for excellent independent projects on Sutton Hoo and also the properties of different types of paper aeroplane.
  • Harry B for the quality of all the work he submits.

Year 5

  • Henry S for helping his younger brother to build a steam train.
  • Mia G for some very clever origami.
  • Evie B for super effort in comprehension.
  • Harry, Lily, Eamon, Mea, Seb, JM, George, Alice, Jack and Olivia for excellent news articles about a car free day.
  • Jack, Felix and Mia G for great work on the benefits of exercise.
  • Mea for a wonderful model of the solar system.
  • Florence for taking on board advice and feedback to improve her comprehension work.
  • Jess, Ivy, Taylor-Mae, Henry and Adil for some great maths work involving positive and negative numbers.
  • Ollie KD for super work on area and perimeter.
  • Lex, Jack and Felix for a fantastic attitude and great effort in all their lessons.
  • Liv and Oliver J for excellent work in French on making crepes.
  • Henry S is now 13km into his challenge to row from school to Malvern and back.  Well done, Henry.  Keep going!

Year 6

  • Sophie, for excellent work in English.
  • Thomas for a very clever piece about how to find your parents in a crowded market place.
  • Gracie for an excellent ‘How To’ video about multiplication and division.
  • Pari, Flo, Lucy and Angus for great maths!
  • Florence, Henri and Izzy for putting together a fabulous music and dance montage from 3 video recordings.
  • Grace, Flo, Pari, Melissa, Amelia, Luca, Jinc and Sazan for hard work in maths.
  • Joshua for an excellent 100 word story.
  • Izzy, Benedict and Melissa for their imaginative interpretations of the poem The Highwayman.