King's St Alban's

10 September

Celebration Assembly: Autumn Term Week 1

Today was our first whole school assembly in  a very long time and it was wonderful to see all of the children together again.  Mr Chapman began our assembly by passing on comments from class teachers, who have been hugely impressed at the way the children have settled in to the new term.

Mrs Thorp said, “A big well done to Reception class who have made a super start to their time at KSA. They have all been smiling all week and have enjoyed lunch, swimming, French, music and games lessons. A class of superstars!”

Mrs Chatterton said, “Year 1 have settled very well into new classroom routines this week. They have impressed us with their focus during each activity as well as their enthusiasm towards their learning.  Well done, Year 1, keep it up!”

Miss Chadwick said, “Year 2 have had a wonderful first week, they have settled into new routines very quickly with a smile on their faces and I have been particularly impressed with the focus and effort they have been consistently showing.”

Mrs Atkinson said, “The children in 3A have made a fantastic start to the year, listening well and getting on with all they have been asked to do.  They have coped extremely well with the information overload they have been faced with and they are settling in to the new routines and way of life in the Prep school superbly.  A big shout out to Sophia, Mark and Brody who have been fantastic; joining a class with children who already know each other can be quite daunting, so well done for settling in so well. Get a good sleep, ready for another week of fun!”

Miss Jordan said, “4J have had an amazing start to the year. A special mention should go to our two new boys George and Isaac who when faced with new challenges have succeeded. All of 4J are working hard and have thoroughly enjoyed designing their jeeps where they had to put in items that are special to them. We look forward to displaying them in our classroom once they’re completed.”

Mrs Ricketts said, “I have been impressed by how polite 4R have been this week. They have put their hands up in lessons to ask lots of good questions and tried very hard not to shout out.  Millie, Arslan, Sam and Alice have all settled in really well and I am very much looking forwarding to getting to know them, and the rest of 4R,  over the coming year.”

Mrs Etherington said, “5E has had a great first week of the school year. I’ve been impressed with their mature attitude in the classroom and around school, and their independence in their learning. Keep this up!”

Mrs Pitts said, “5P have been a joy to get to know over the past week. They have developed routines quickly and made a great impression.  The work has been tricky at times; however they have got stuck in and asked sensible questions and responded to advice very well.  Katy and Conor, who are new to KSA, need a particular mention since they have made friends and made it to the end of a very tiring and long week.”

Mrs Hand said, “6HM have been fantastic this week. They have all been very positive and worked hard. Arabella, Lara and Daisy have taken everything in their stride and had a superb first week at KSA.”

Mrs Beauchamp said, “Could you please tell 6KB how proud I am of them for a super start to year 6 – it promises to be a fun year ahead. I would especially like to congratulate Patrick and Elin for a really good start.”

Mr Braithwaite said, “6DB have got straight back into routines this term and have shown a good deal of enthusiasm in the lessons. Mr Braithwaite has been particularly pleased by their willingness to think through their ideas properly. A number of them have been happy to make interesting comments and observations about what we have been studying. These sorts of responses will prove increasingly important as they make their way through King’s and through life! They are becoming more active, more mature learners. Well done; a very good start, 6DB…”


Pre-Prep certificates:

Reception’s first Superstar award went to Archie for always being curious and engaged, and Nell received a certificate for embracing all activities with a smile.

In Year 1, Julietta received a Superstar award for her independence and focus, and Henry D earned a certificate for listening beautifully and learning new routines.

Kasvika was Year 2’s Superstar for her fantastic start to the term and Nell received a certificate for super focus


Pre-Prep shout-outs:

Elodie earned a reading challenge certificate and won a medal in a local fun run.

Cerys has put together a fantastic diary of her adventures during the summer holiday and she has certainly been a busy girl! Cerys has read 14 books, cycled a total of 100km, including her longest ride of 15km, and also won 1st prize in the Worcester Festival cress head competition.  Well done, Cerys!


Prep School shout-outs:

Year 3:

Mrs Atkinson was delighted to see lots of kindness and super focus, especially in 3E’s English lessons this week. Well done, everybody!

Year 4:

In humanities, Year 4 have been explaining in detail which time they would like to travel back to and why. Well done to Karla and Tom from 4J and Shreya and Ana in 4R on some exceptionally imaginative homework.

Tom B is a keen squash player and was runner-up in his recent competition.  He also brought in his copy of the Guinness Book Of World Records which features his father’s record-breaking three day long squash match!

Charlotte earned a medal when she ran the Worcester Severn race.

Year 5:

You may remember that Leo encouraged us all to join him on a sponsored walk last term, in aid of the Trussell Trust, a charity which tackles food poverty.  Despite raising am impressive sum, Leo wanted to do more, so wrote to the CEO of all major supermarkets with the idea of adding a checkout option for customers to donate to local food banks when paying for their shopping.  Waitrose took up Leo’s idea and in a trial have so far raised over £100,000!  The store now plans to roll out the ‘donate button’ to all stores.  Well done Leo on instigating such a wonderful initiative.

Year 6:

Year 6 have got off to a fantastic start, with some superb creative writing.  Well done to George H, Felix, Mea, Adil and Mia on their use of interesting and exciting vocabulary.


Congratulations to Erin and Joel for helping Martley cricket club to achieve great results in the Worcester U9 play-offs and also to Elodie, Poppy and Amber who all received ballet trophies today.  There was also a well deserved mention for our Choristers when they returned from this mornings rehearsal in the Cathedral, particularly to new recruits Sam, Tommy, Ollie and Liv – KSA’s first ever girl chorister.

Finally, thank you to Ben, a Choral Scholar with Worcester Cathedral, who delighted the children with a bassoon performance this morning.  Ben explained that he was inspired to take up the bassoon after hearing his music teacher play in assembly when he was young, so today he played the same piece of music for the children here at KSA.  There was many a smile amongst children and staff as the theme from Ivor the Engine filled the hall!

If your child has any external achievements, we are always happy to share these in our weekly King’s St Alban’s celebration assembly so please do share them with your child’s class teacher.