King's St Alban's

13 June

Chocolate heaven for Year 1.

Our Year 1 cohort were all super excited for their trip to Cadbury World – who wouldn’t be: a school trip and lots of chocolate!

As part of the most recent Year 1 topic ‘Adventures by the Sea’, pupils have been learning about explorers from the past and their many discoveries – one of which was the cocoa bean, so a trip to Cadbury World seemed a fitting excursion! Bringing their classroom learning to life, the children loved learning how the cocoa bean was discovered and brought to Europe. They were fascinated to see how it has had evolved over time into the yummy chocolate bars we have today!

Throughout the course of the busy day, the children had plenty of opportunities to get hands-on with the chocolate – to work with the chocolate, learning how to temper chocolate, writing their names with it and, of course, there were opportunities to taste it too. There was much discussion amongst the children when they were deciding which toppings they would like in their own molten chocolate creations: important decisions, I am sure you will agree.

The children were beautifully behaved as they listened to information about how the cocoa beans were transformed and experienced what the processes at the factory entailed, as the beans were transformed from their raw state and were shaken, heated and pressed, which resulted in many giggles.

The “Cadabra Ride”, which was a gentle journey through a chocolate wonderland, was a highlight for the children. They loved spotting the many animated cocoa beans as they travelled through different lands, the cocoa beans snowy adventure being the children’s favourite. The children were beautifully behaved with fabulous manners and it was lovely to see them smile all day – well done, Year 1!