King's St Alban's

17 May

Choristers receive their surplices

On Sunday 13th May three of our Choristers received their surplices at Sunday’s Eucharist service at Worcester Cathedral. Many congratulations to Toby, Giles and Joseph.

All three have shared their personal experiences of the journey to fully fledged members of the Cathedral Choir:


On Sunday 13th May I received my surplice as I have completed my training as a chorister. I started to sing in the choir last year. I can tell that I have improved greatly since I started. I have grown in confidence as well as self-discipline. When I received my surplice from Joel Williams, Head Chorister, I felt proud because I have worked hard to get this far. I now feel like a proper team member and I am privileged to be in the choir.

I think being in the choir is a great opportunity to learn how to accept people, create a sense of self-discipline and learn to work as a team.


Choristers wear a red cassock when they start in the choir and they have to learn about music and services. During this time they are called a probationer. When they have learnt enough, Dr. Nardone says you can become a full chorister and you receive a white surplice to wear over the red cassock in a special service. After the service you get to eat cake and play football on College Green.


Getting my surplice was really exciting. After some prayers were said, Dr. Nardone, the conductor, signalled Toby, Giles and I to come to the front. At the front, the Dean asked us if we promised to serve God and the choir well and we were all meant to say: "I do so promise, with the help of God" as loud as possible. Unfortunately we all forgot the words at the time so it was really quiet. Then the Dean said two prayers. Finally we turned around and the audience clapped.