King's Hawford

18 September

Conker Competition

Throughout the week, Year 3 to 6 have been competing in a conker competition. The competition was played throughout morning breaks and lunch break with a competition for each year group.

A child could play anyone in their year group and, when they had won, they would then find the teacher on duty to record their win along with the house they were in. Children could win by breaking the other players conker.

However, they could also win if their opponents conker came off the string or if their opponent gave up. Reception to Year 2 could also play at break time noncompetitively.

All the wins for the conker competition were tallied up at the end of the week and converted into house points for each house. Prizes were also given out to the pupil with the most individual wins in their year group!

“It is fun doing competitions like this during break because it makes our breaktimes more fun and memorable” – Cameron H, Year 6

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