King's Hawford

23 November

Parents get a flavour of e-learning capability

It was a pleasure to virtually welcome a number of parents to King’s Hawford on Thursday evening to showcase the school’s digital, e-learning offering.

As a school, we are committed to blending outdoor learning with the latest technological advancements to create a dynamic and exciting school community, as well as well-rounded children who appreciate and understand the world around them, while using e-learning and technology to enhance their learning.

Mr Cook hosted the digital event and explained the school’s new digital policy to parents and highlighted how it has been designed to add balance to the overall school offering. E-learning sits alongside King’s Hawford’s commitment to outdoor learning, Forest School and its sustainability targets.

He then explained the multi-platform approach that has been adopted by all three schools in the King’s Foundation and how it enhances children’s learning but prepares them for the next steps they take when they leave education.

The evening ended with some hands-on activities, which saw the parents take part in a lesson run through Showbie, the school’s choice of digital platform. During this lesson, they had the chance to see how the children will continue their digital journey as they move onto the Senior School.