King's Hawford

10 June

Early Years Sports Day Fun

On Thursday morning, children from Kindergarten and Reception joined together on the bottom fields for the Early Years Sports Day. Over the past few weeks the children have been practising hard in their PE lessons. Despite the bright skies first thing, the rain quickly set in but even this couldn’t dampen the spirits of our children, staff and spectators!

Pupils in KG1 took part in running races with their friends. With the encouragement of the crowd and sometimes a helping hand from Kindergarten staff, all of the children made it to the finish line. Later in the morning the children took centre stage again with a novelty race. This involved picking up a teddy bear and delivering it safely across the finish line. All of the children should be congratulated on their brilliant performances!

Children in the Transition groups took part in running races and a slightly more “challenging” novelty race. For their race they had to negotiate their way through a plastic hoop before collecting a teddy bear and getting it across the finish line as quickly as possible! Again all of the children were an absolute credit to themselves and behaved impeccably.

The pupils from KG2 showed off their speed in the running races, putting everything that have learned in PE into practice. Their novelty races were a little more complicated and involved putting on hats and sunglasses before making a mad dash to the finish line. Kindergarten 2 pupils finished their events with the relay. Working in their colour groups, they went head-to-head in an attempt to get their “batons” around all team members. It was the ‘orange’ group that managed to claim glory on they day but all of the children put in brilliant performances!

For most of Reception children this wasn’t their first experience of a King’s Hawford Sports Days, with many being veterans of the event. The children each competed in running races with their classmates and an even more complicated novelty race! This time the race involved running with a hoop on their heads to a cone and then picking up a tennis racket before a final sprint to the line. The running races were hotly contested and there were some very close finishes. The climax of the event for Reception was the class relays! Mrs Campbell’s class went head-to-head with Miss Lane’s class! On this occasion it was Mrs Campbell’s class who were victorious.

This year also saw the return of the parents novelty races! It was fantastic to see so many parents getting involved – thank you to all those who joined in for being such good sports!

The camaraderie that was on display throughout this event was heartwarming and really shows what King’s Hawford is about. The support that our pupils showed to one another, the overwhelming support from the crowd and the encouragement from staff members were all truly special.