King's St Alban's

21 June

ESSA Swimming Finals

This event was a culmination of a fantastic year of swimming by the Year 6 pupils. It was with great delight that we found out on the way to the event that our boys had qualified for the Medley Relay. So, two races for both teams. These children have been dedicated to their swimming throughout their time at St Alban’s. Some have swum at club and continued their success beyond the school’s competitions. It is worth noting that three of our competitors are not club swimmers but have been going to Miss Woodger’s Saturday morning sessions.

Our girls swam first in their Freestyle heat and qualified for the B Final. In the Final they came second with a team best of 1:02:32. The boys then qualified for the B Final in the Medley Relay. They came fourth with a team best of 1:11:82. Our girls then qualified for the Medley Relay A Final and our boys qualified for the Freestyle Relay A Final. Both teams swam their socks off and both are now 6th in the country for these events!