King's Hawford

4 March

Flipping Fantastic Fun

Tuesday saw our annual Pancake Races return to the school as we marked Shrove Tuesday! After missing out last year, staff and pupils alike were delighted to see the return of this extremely popular event. The morning started with our Kindergarten children racing the length of the hard surface with a frying pan and pancake. The whole of Pre-Prep minus Reception were in attendance and helped cheer our youngest pupils on in a brilliant display of Hawford camaraderie.

After the Pre-Prep races had been run, Mr Marsland gave a brilliant demonstration to Years 1 and 2 of their course, complete with a dramatic dip on the finish line. Children, armed with a frying pan and pancake, had to run to the first corner and put on a woolly hat; they then had to run to the next corner of the playground where they had to flip their pancake, before racing on to the third corner for another flip. Finally they had to run to the last corner, where they took off their hat before a final sprint towards the finish line.

Well done to the winners of our Pre-Prep races:

Year1 Winners 

Tom H


Year 1 runner ups 

Elisse M


Year 2  Winners

Florrie W

Austin R

Elsa B

Year 2 runner up 




After our Pre-Prep races, Years 3 to 6 descended upon the hard surface for their races. This time Miss Holtham demonstrated the course and gained a large cheer from the pupils for her impressive pancake flipping skills. Year 3 kicked off proceedings with some well contested races.

Years 4 and 5 gave some impressive performances and there were a few photo finishes. Year 6 enjoyed their final races at King’s Hawford, marking the end of an era for many of the pupils.

Congratulations to our winners:

Y3 Girls – Pippa P

3LS Boys – Arthur O

3GO Boys – Oliver G

Y4 Girls – Harriet B

4RC Boys – James B

VL Boys – George O

Y5 Girls – Erin L

Y5 Boys – Freddie M

6LH Girls – Arabella D

6LH Boys – Billie T

6JA Girls – Joint First Place – Anya R & Eden G

6JA Boys – Bertie G

6CR Girls – Charlotte B

6CR Boys – Joe F

The Pancake Races were a great way to get our school community together safely whilst observing a long held tradition at King’s Hawford.