King's St Alban's

15 December

Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters!

Fuse Harry Potter with Lord of the Rings and you get… Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters.  A madcap adventure, the story begins simultaneously in the Common Room of Hogwash School and Somewhere in Middle Earth. From there, the action rolls unerringly to the final collision scene near the Cave of Darkness.

In spite of COVID restrictions, an enthusiastic cast rehearsed hard to stage the play, though it was sad that they were unable to perform to a live audience.  Nevertheless, they pulled a fine, filmed production out of the bag, ably supported by Dance Club.  Harry Rings got to beat the dreadful green monster… at snap, Hermione (while socially distanced) bumped off an assortment of evil soldiers with a wave of a magic wand, while Saam stabbed the Evil Eyeman, yes, you guessed it, in his eye. The cast clearly had a lot of fun, right down to the final selfie. Congratulations, Drama Club and Dance Club, you were superb!