King's Hawford

18 September

Hawford Harvest Festival 2020

Harvest Festival has come early this year at King’s Hawford. This week all our pupils, from Reception to Year 6, have been getting in the spirit of all things harvest.

We kick started the week by bringing in decorative hampers of food, that our pupils had created themselves. Everything from paper cows, tractors, buses, scarecrows and even a giant ketchup bottle filled to the brim with red sauce!

All of the food hampers were then loaded onto one of our school buses to be donated to Worcester Foodbank. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents and pupils for their generous donations. Thanks to their contribution, Worcester Foodbank will be able to continue their great work providing food for those in need over the autumn and winter months.

The week was wrapped up with a virtual celebration assembly which included video clips of all our year groups celebrating this year’s harvest throughout the week, hosted by our Year 6 pupils. The festivities kicked off with Year 1 singing Big Red Combine Harvester, followed by Year 3 exploring how Harvest Festival is celebrated around the world – Poland, for instance, celebrate with fireworks and by throwing flowers into rivers, and in Alaska, celebrations are had to honour the lives of their native animals.

Year 2 celebrated by dancing the ‘Harvest Groove’ to a medley of different harvest-related songs, and Reception children painted a wide selection of different fruits and vegetables that you would find in a harvest basket, eventually placing them into our giant wicker basket on our playground.

Dr Reverend Rich Johnson also shared some information about Harvest Festival and why it’s so important to show gratitude for the food we eat and the produce grown by farmers. His speech even included a Lego recreation of a traditional farm scene, a visit to local supermarkets and Worcester Foodbank to see exactly where our donations will be going.

Year 4 showcased exactly why food banks are vital in helping to feed and support vulnerable members of our community. They also helped our teaching staff with the heavy lifting by helping pack the van with all of their donations.

Classic harvest hymn It Takes and Almighty Hand was sung by Year 5 pupils, and Reverend Rich Johnson rounded off today’s celebrations with a prayer. A great time was had by all our pupils – a very successful King’s Hawford Harvest all round!