King's St Alban's

29 January

Hot and Cold in Year 2

Year 2 are working brilliantly at home and are really enjoying our topic this half term, hot and cold deserts. This week they researched a polar desert animal of their choice and completed a written fact file about the animals, using the search engine Kiddle to help them with their research. We all shared what we had written and discovered lots of interesting facts about all the different animals.

For our topic hot and cold deserts, Year 2 have looked at how desert animals such as camels and penguins survive in such extreme conditions. They labelled both a camel and a penguin, pointing out how they are adapted to living in the harsh conditions of hot and cold deserts. We have had two lockdown birthdays this week and we have discovered that it is not so easy keeping in time with each other, when singing on Zoom, compared to singing in the classroom!

It was lovely to see Year 2 outside in their gardens enjoying the snow last weekend and at the beginning of the week. It was clearly a welcome change in the weather, with lots of very happy children pictured with their fabulous photos of snowmen and even the start of an igloo. Learning outside of the classroom is integral to life at King’s St Alban’s and it is fantastic that the children are continuing to enjoy outdoor learning experiences.

All the children have been working very hard, showing great enthusiasm and demonstrating fantastic resilience; we are really proud of them all. It is always lovely to see pets helping with the photos of the work too!