King's Hawford

25 March

How To Train Your Dragon

This term Year 2’s story focus has been on How to Train your Dragon. To mark the end of their study on the book, Year 2 decided to re-enact the dragon initiation to see if they had what it takes to become a dragon trainer!

The contest, as depicted in the book, consists of hammer throwing, egg eating, ugliest baby contest, axe-fighting, raffle and the final initiation test. As most of these breach Health and Safety regulations, the children got creative and came up with their own adaptations:

  1. Axe Throwing = Welly Throwing
  2. Egg Eating = What a Grape Game
  3. Ugliest Baby = Ugly Baby Viking Drawing
  4. Axe Fighting = Dodge Ball
  5. Final Initiation Test = Paper Aeroplane Flying
  6. Raffle = Raffle

First up: Welly Throwing; the adjudicators (teachers) witnessed some great skills. The children demonstrated a variety of different techniques to launch their wellies as far as possible.

The What a Grape task was fiercely contested, with the children scrambling to collect grapes!

Inside the Tepee the children got creative for the third challenge designing their Ugly Baby Vikings!

Back out on the fields the children spilt into two teams for their Dodgeball face off!

Next up it was over to the bark for their paper aeroplane flying test! The children wisely used the height of the climbing frame to aid their planes’ flight!

Proceedings finished with the raffle!

It is safe to say that the children had a wonderful day working through each of the tasks. We are proud to say that all of our pupils passed and we have a whole year of qualified dragon trainers at King’s Hawford. The glorious weather definitely helped!