King's St Alban's

22 October

Inspirational OV talk for Y6

Old Vigornian (OV) Ed Cumming, who left King’s St Alban’s in 1994, returned to our Junior School today to host a special OV talk and speak to our Year 6 children about his memories of the school. Ed also spoke to the children about his career as a Barrister and latterly a Queen’s Counsel, inspiring our children that anything is achievable.

Mrs Gunter greeted him in the Chapel, which was a lovely trip down memory lane for both of them as she had taught him in her first year here! Ed, who secured a scholarship to King’s Worcester, was also delighted to see his name on our honours board.

Ed spoke with passion and enthusiasm about swimming in the open-air pool, his problems in joining the choir and the power of an inspirational Year 3 teacher he had during his time with us. He also reflected about life at King’s in the 1990s and encouraged the children to find some they love doing and keep doing it. For example, he explained why he studied law and became a Barrister (‘I like debating and arguments!’)

The OV talk ended with a number of perceptive and interesting questions from the children who were fascinated by the legal processes and cases he spoke about. Ed was very impressed with the children’s questions and ended his visit with a tour of his old school.

It was brilliant to welcome back such a beloved pupil to our school. All former pupils are ‘Old Vigornians’ or ‘OVs’ and it’s always a special moment to reunite them with their Junior School teachers and create opportunities for them to meet our current children to inspire them about their future prospects at Senior School and beyond.