King's St Alban's

12 January

Weekly Sports Round-up 12.01.18

Netball vs Bromsgrove & King’s Hawford

The girls travelled to Bromsgrove Arena on Wednesday to take part in some competitive matches against Bromsgrove School and King’s Hawford.


Our first match of the afternoon was against Bromsgrove and although the girls had worked hard in their warm up it took them a few minutes to settle into the game. This allowed Bromsgrove to take a 3 goal lead before half time. We started the second half strongly playing some excellent netball, Lola and Emilia worked hard in the defensive circle to keep the ball away from the post and with a lot of determination the girls managed to get the ball in the circle for Georgia to score. This meant the final score was 3-1 to Bromsgrove.

Our second match was against our sister school Kings Hawford, the girls were extremely positive going into this game. It was evident from the start that the coaching that Mrs Bradley has been doing with them was paying off. This was demonstrated by some brilliant movement of the ball up the court. The ball went end to end and the teams were very evenly matched, at half time it was still 0-0. In the second half our defence were outstanding with Phoebe and Lola making some very impressive interceptions to turn over the possession of the ball. Our determination paid off with Ruby and Georgia scoring a goal each meaning Kings St Albans won the game 2-0. Well done to the whole team and congratulations to Lola who was awarded player of the match for both games.


Our U11B team started the first match strongly and we enjoyed the majority of possession during the game but due to Bromsgrove’s skilled GD we struggled to get the ball under the post. The match looked as though it was going to finish in a goalless draw but Bromsgrove managed to clinch the win with a goal scored during the last phase of the game. Kate was awarded player of the match.

We had a lovely game against Hawford with the teams being very evenly matched. Our defence were strong with Immy marking her player very well in the circle. Near the end of the first half Phoebe scored a very impressive goal from quite far out. In the second half both teams had their chances but only Hawford managed to prosper from it and scored to equalise. This meant that the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Well done to Freya who was awarded player of the match.

U10 A

The girls were a little nervous in their first match against Bromsgrove and it took until half time for them to settle into the game. Once settled, there was some super centre court movement by Jess, Bea and Matilda which led to the first and only goal being scored us giving us a 1-0 victory.

The second match was against Hawford. We started strong with the ball being defended well by Eve and Clarisse. Our brilliant mid court play by Jess, Bea and Matilda lead to a goal being score in the first half. The girls continued to use their honed skills in the second half and were very determined. Unfortunately, Hawford scored a goal back to level the score. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.  It was a very fast game to umpire for such young girls and they can all be commended on standing their ground and playing their own game. Well done!

U10 B

In their first match against Bromsgrove the girls started well on the centre pass, with Phoebe passing to Sonali and moving the ball confidently up the court. During the first half we failed to capitalise on this and finished the half goalless. In the second half our GS & GA were well positioned to receive the ball from centre court meaning that we finished the game as victors with a 1-0 win.

During the second match against Hawford, the girls learnt from their first game and took on board points from the coaching staff and really upped their game. There was some excellent passing by Phoebe and Esther quickly delivering the ball into our shooting circle. We commanded the second half placing our opponents under pressure, keeping the ball in our attacking end for most of the game. We came out as worthy winners with the final score 2-0.