King's Hawford

4 February

Maths Day at Hawford

The theme for maths day at King’s Hawford was ‘maths is everywhere’. Staff planned lessons throughout the day that engaged children and highlighted how much maths is in the everyday world. Subject specialised lessons were adjusted and linked to maths.

There was a wide range of activities including ‘pigeon steps’ to measure the length of a path, splitting a pizza base up into fractions and investigating how many sweets can be divided up into equal parts, as well as using shapes to decorate a Chinese dragon.

During break and lunch time, children were given the opportunity to estimate how many marshmallows were in the jar, as well as how many liquorice allsorts were in a different sized jar. Along with estimating the number of sweets, children were able to guess the weight of a pineapple and then the amount of money there was in the pot made up of 5 pence pieces.

The day was a great success and it was wonderful to see children engaged in mathematical activities as well as hear them talking about maths. – Amanda Marshall-Walker, Maths Coordinator