King's St Alban's

27 May

Mindfulness resources for Year 6

As part of our commitment to children’s mental health and our ongoing work with the Mindfulness In School’s Project pupils have been introduced to .breathe. .breathe is a 4 lesson curriculum designed to give pupils a taste of mindfulness.

The lessons focus on transition years, PSHE, time management and stress reduction. .breathe is particularly well-suited to support transition from primary to secondary school. Our Year 6 pupils are fast approaching the next step in their King’s education journey and have benefitted greatly from these sessions so far. .breathe explores issues around attention, worry, sleep and relationships. Each session includes exploration of the function and structure of key areas of the brain involved in daily experience, introductory mindfulness practices, animations, discussions and exercises pupils can try in their own time. The sessions build on the 6 week Paws.b meditation programme which the children completed in Year 5. It is hoped that the children will leave Year 6 with a toolbox of mindful resources with which they can draw upon in the years to come.

The children continue to amaze with their open minds and willingness to give new things a go. The first lesson was all about how to train the mind to concentrate and focus using the analogy of a puppy’s wandering mind. The session last week was all about how to overcome worry and anxiety. The children have responded well to the quizzes and activities, with the breathing practices being the focal point of all the lessons. In this week’s lesson the focus will be on the benefits of sleep and relaxation.