King's St Alban's

20 January

Musical ensembles return to King’s St Alban’s.

After a cautious start to 2022, King’s St Alban’s are delighted to see the return of musical ensembles and live music back to daily life at school. Our classes have enjoyed the opportunity to sing together once again, and this was particularly evident in Wednesday’s hymn practice, led by the talented Mr Freestone and beamed from the music room to each classroom via Teams. It was wonderful to hear the children singing their hearts out, with Sing Hosanna a clear favourite.

The string section of Orchestra have enjoyed rehearsals on Tuesday mornings and made an excellent start on learning two new pieces ahead of our Spring Term concert. We are missing our wind and brass sections and hope to welcome them back soon.

Mr Gunter’s String Group have clearly made great progress since September and have started the year with real flair and confidence. It is lovely to see our youngest musicians flourish.

Our Wind Band is small enough that we felt they were able to rehearse safely, and they had a lot of fun this week choosing the two pieces that they would like to learn with Mrs Kilbey.

Mr Crocker’s Guitar group has welcomed some new members this term, and their Wednesday rehearsals are well underway for their performance of the Star Wars theme in the next concert.

Friday choir practices are still operating under restrictions, but the use of technology has allowed our Junior Choir to make a start on a new repertoire this week, with Year 3  in the music room with Mrs Gunter and the Year 4 classes joining in remotely. The Year 5 contingent of Senior Choir also enjoyed a good sing with Mrs Kilbey and Mr Allsop in the chapel.

It is wonderful to see musical ensembles alive and thriving at King’s St Alban’s in spite of the uncertain times. We love our weekly rehearsals and the opportunity to make music together is a privilege that we never take for granted. Spaces are currently available for music lessons on most instruments. If you would be interested in finding out more about what we can offer in this area please contact Mrs Gunter.